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Let's Unite and Make America Secure Again

United States of America needs to be less divided and start standing on common ground. "Unity makes strength" is a motto that has been used by various states and entities throughout history. American citizens need to unite and make America secure again.

Supporting Wounded Warriors and Disabled Veterans

Your generous donation will change the lives of over injured warriors, caregivers, and family members. You will help bring independence back to our nation's most severely wounded veterans and first responders. All donations made for this cause will be giving to ibuildschools foundation who will provide a patented motorized wheelchair giving to the wounded who needs them. We are looking to help thousands of injured warriors and first responders. Your support is duly needed and appreciated.

"We need your vote to help make america secure again. Your signature of support will help make a difference. The time is now!"

Our Nation's Security

We can no longer afford temperamental leadership of our Armed Forces to place our brave men and women in grave danger because of incompetence and ineptitude!

Our Economy

We need to focus on increasing our productivity and lessen our dependency on foreign products, especially in the Automotive Industry!

Our Veterans

We will not stand by and see one Veteran be homeless and not receive the medical attention that is needed because of the horrors experienced during combat!


It is inexcusable for our seniors to not be able to receive the proper medical care after spending their entire lives working to provide a better life for their families.


We support "Legal Immigration"; however; our borders will be secured and nothing illegal will be entering through our borders!


It is becoming more and more obvious that testing is not improving the education of our students!